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We are Kate (20), Meghan (18) and Jack Beswick (17).

We started our event in 2017 as "PJs and Pancakes in the Park" after looking for an opportunity to support a local organization that we cared about as a family through a meaningful and measurable fundraiser.

With the support of our family, friends, community and sponsors, we held a pancake breakfast in our town park to raise $25,000+ in direct support of POGO.

We took this momentum into 2018 where we created "PJs and Pancakes at Home" over Thanksgiving weekend. With the support of sponsors such as Bulk Barn, Starbucks, GP8 and other local businesses, we raised over $25,000 again to directly benefit POGO's initiatives.

In 2020, we worked to "Spread the Love" over Valentine's Day/Family Day weekend with the second consecutive year of "PJ's and Pancakes at Home". From 2017-2020 our events raised a total of $75,000+ in direct support of POGO. All while local families supporting or supported by POGO shared a family breakfast!

As full-time University and High School students, these events have quickly turned into a major part of our lives. We have been able to see and measure the direct impact our events have had year over year within POGO and the tens of thousands of children and their families affected by childhood cancer in Ontario.

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